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Lee Reynolds Burr

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Lee Reynolds Burr

Lee Reynolds was born in Los Angeles in 1936. He attended the local schools and was awarded a Bachelor's Degree on Fine Art at the University of Southern California. He currently lives in Beverly Hills, California, with his wife and two children.
Mr. Burr was graduated from the University of Southern California. His has a purely personal technique and his eclectic taste resulted in the now famous Bullfighter series, where his original signature can be found. In addition, his theme adaptations on a series entitled, "The World's Children" was met with marked acclaim in 1971. His paintings and prints hang in many important collections and innumerable museums.

He was the director for Vanguard Studios in Beverly Hills, California in the late sixties. He has served as Chairman, Board of Directors of East Park Gallery in Los Angeles.
He signed his early works as Lee Reynolds. Also, the signature "Lee Reynolds" on a piece later indicated a staff artist from Vanguard Studios, California's famous art workshop. Vanguard artists are trained at America's finest art schools but also have successfully competed with others with equally impressive backgrounds to achieve their coveted positions as members of the Vanguard staff. Lee Reynolds Burr permited the signature "Lee Reynolds" to be affixed to the best of the works conceived and executed at Vanguard Studios. At the same time, the signature was accompanied by a Vanguard Studios stamp on the back. When he allowed apprentices at the studio to use the name Lee Reynolds, he switched to signing his personal work as Lee Burr. When the students stopped painting, the pieces were signed Lee Reynolds Burr.
(Note: the information given is pieced together from various sources and may not be entirely correct.)

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