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Rhonda Ash

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Rhonda Ash

Having interest in numerous craft and artistic pursuits over the years, I am now aiming to concentrate on my oil painting. I was introduced to oils in my late teens and have continued to return to this medium of expression over my life, between travelling overseas and returning to live in Australia, having a family and other pursuits of interest. I see it lends itself to more expression of a lifestyle and values which after all tend to direct how a person sees and handles life and what it brings. I hope to share a perception of a moment in time so that a viewer may ask what is about to happen or what could have happenend in my paintings, at the same time giving expression to an appreciation for nature and the stories it can tell to those who are willing to take the time to notice the detail.
This will not necessarily lead to an universal appeal to people, but becomes a joy to me and gives pleasure and a smile to those who have a similar interest in this type of artistic endeavour. My work I hope, brings a positive and pleasurable moment in time to a viewer demonstration aesthetic qualities of an ever increasing impersonal world.
Memberships:    Northfolk Lakes Art Group Since 2007
Exhibitions:    Deception Bay Library, Qld - March 2008

A random selection of three works.
Hazey Morning
untitled 04
Pigmy Possum 2
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