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Traci Marlin

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Traci Marlin

Bio of Traci Marlin
Traci Marlin, had always enjoyed aspects of art , colour and creativity as a child and studied art during high school. There she found a particular love of portraiture. Some twenty years later the call of art was revisited after completing a drawing course at the college associated at Christian City Church.
Some friends and family members presented her with old photos of relatives they wanted drawn. The results were tear rendering.
During the last few years Traci has enjoyed producing portraits in medium of graphite, charcoal and pastels and continues to experiment with and embrace her love of art.
Any enquires for portraits for commission can be contacted via Art Directory…
Easter Art Exhibition - Christian City Church, Bridgeman Downs - April 2007

A random selection of three works.
Ginny's Mum
title: Relatives
title: Mum
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