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Dorle Hannam

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Dorle Hannam

 Artist Statement

There has never been a time when I was not involved in some form of art.

As a child I painted in oils, later I experimented briefly with pottery, basketry and silk painting until the beauty of stained glass captivated me and I started my first successful art venture with a business called “Dangles”.

Family & career commitments interrupted my art ventures at times, but inevitably I always found my way back.

In 1999 I completed a Diploma in Visual Arts.

My enthusiasm for art and especially painting had been reignited by being introduced to a wide variety of materials and possibilities and soon our gallery was filled with paintings.

Personally, my main interest has always been in texture. I love to touch surfaces and to feel them with my eyes, so it became a passion of mine to introduce this to my paintings. I try to convey a feeling of space, decay, sharpness or even of “what if”. Recently I have been inspired by creating illusion paintings, spaces and places for me to go to in my mind.

Art and especially painting is a burning desire of mine to speak to people using canvas and paint as my language and I know in the future I will have a lot to say yet.

A random selection of three works.
Gary (a)
title: Gary (a)
On the Mooring
Iris (2)
title: Iris (2)
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