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Brisbane Institute of Art
Brisbane Institute of Art provides a nationally recognized, non-profit community-based, creative arts centre, offering a practical, high quality range of visual arts learning and experiences, where all are welcome.

A flexible range of visual arts activities for people of all ages and backgrounds
Full-time, part-time or casual enrolment, which can be varied from year to year to suit students' needs
Well known, practicing artists as tutors providing individual attention in small classes
Classes throughout the day and evening for those balancing work, family and other commitments
A structured program to enable students to progress, at their own pace, from mastery of foundation skills to full professional practice
A workshop program consisting of 9-week short courses, weekend and school holiday sessions in specific artform areas, to compliment the semester program
Access to facilities and equipment
The opportunity to exhibit as a student in two major exhibitions each year, and to be involved in mounting smaller exhibitions

For further information please contact us:

Brisbane Institute of Art
41 Grafton Street, Windsor
PO Box 2083, Windsor 4030
Phone: 3857 5377 Fax: 3861 0763

The office is open 9.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday
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