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Abstraction of a Pelican
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Abstraction of a Pelican
Artist: Michael Bulloch
Status: For Sale
Price: $2,530 AUD (does not include freight)
The 50kg piece is about 800mmm high and hewn from Helidon Freestone.

I made several versions of these in mid 90's and they were popular. The individual sculptures were mounted on eroded blocks or sea worm riddled stumps of discarded jetty pylon.

I leave my shiny little van parked at the one mile jetty on the island and many pelicans have left graffiti on a overnight stint to town in a form of social protest. They are such a cumbersome bird but they have a wicked sense of humour!!!!!!!!!!!

A similar stylised version of this pelican is for sale as a commissioned piece in like materials. The piece shown is from a private collection.
For Sales Enquiries
email: call: +61 7 3205 4233
fax: +61 7 3009 0312
or mail:
PO Box 5036,
Brendale Qld 4500
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